Proof That A New Pair Of (Snow) Shoes Can Change Your Life

If you have ever struggled with what to get someone for a gift, wanting it to mean so much more, why not a new pair of snowshoes?! It could change their whole life, and yours as well.

Water Stewardship for Paddlers

“A river is more than an amenity…. It is a treasure.”

-Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.

Stand Up Paddleboarding, an offshoot of surfing that originated from Hawaii, has been around for many years. Recently this sport has seen exponential growth attracting many from avid outdoors enthusiasts to the novice. With greater numbers of paddlers setting out to explore our waterways each season, it has become increasingly important to not only practice and lead by example Safety on the Water but also to take a stake and share in the responsibility of the conservation and protection of our rivers and waterways, they are more than an amenity, they are a valuable treasure! To protect and save these treasures for ourselves as well as generations to come we must all become good paddling stewards of our waterways.

Cleaning and Maintaining your iSUP

How to Clean and Maintain your iSUP Cleaning and properly maintaining your inflatable SUP board is key to its longevity and performance. Fortunately, basic SUP care is not time consuming and is easy enough that you can even do it yourself. After enjoying time out on your SUP be sure to clean off and pat dry your […]

Country Archer Gourmet Jerky and Frontier Bars Review

Food for Doers, Made by Doers Have you ever heard that old phrase “What you See, is What You Get”? Well that particular phrase was the first thing that came to my mind after opening up and trying my very first sample of Country Archer Gourmet Jerky and Frontier Bars. I was very pleasantly surprised […]

Outdoor Research Women’s Sonata Hooded Down Jacket #ORInsightLab

Winter in Northern Michigan was a far cry from typical this year.  The abundance of snowpack that Michigan has always been known for was no where to be found, at least in our neck of the woods. Instead we found ourselves on a wild roller coaster ride, up and down, back and forth between the […]

BABY it’s COLD outside! #AventuraLife

Baby It’s Cold Outside! BABY it’s COLD outside and we couldn’t be more thrilled!  The Gales of November blew in right on schedule and brought in with it colder temperatures and the arrival of our first snowfall in Northern Michigan.  Yes, It is officially sweater weather in Northern Michigan! The perfect time to break out […]

Fall Color Touring in Michigan with Aventura Clothing 2016

Fall Color Touring Fall is in full swing and in it’s “Peak” season which means it’s Fall Color touring time in Northern Michigan. As a four seasons, outdoors family we have learned to love and embrace each and every season for it’s unique beauty and the changing of our outdoors activities. For us, fall color […]

Review: Life is Better Outside! EnerPlex Generatr™ 1200 and Commandr 20™ #AlwaysInCharge

Our Lifestyle Being self employed and a small family business owner has fantastic perks as you can imagine, such as being able to create our own flexible schedule and being blessed with the ability to work from home. Nevertheless, these great benefits bring along with it the great responsibility of taking care of the business […]

Gear Review: Outdoor Research Women’s Playa Sun Hoody #ORInsightLab

I am sure that I don’t have to tell most of you this, but it has been one long HOT Summer! Not only were the temps well above normal here in Northern Michigan, but my husband and I decided to take a long past due summer road trip traveling through the sunny, hot states of […]

Advice from a Tree

 ADVICE FROM A TREE Stand tall and proud Sink your roots into the earth Be content with your natural beauty Go out on a limb Drink plenty of water Remember your roots Enjoy the view!  I saw this quote while traveling with my husband recently and it really stuck with me.  Such wise wisdom and […]