K9 Puppy Tales

Puppy Tales

 It was a hot Summer day when my husband pulled into the driveway after a quick trip to town to run errands. He stepped out of his truck, smiled, and announced “I have surprise for you!” My thoughts immediately went to, “He brought me take-out lunch?!” You must understand my excitement over this, as being a work at home mom and living 18 miles from town (one way) I rarely have the opportunity to go out for lunch, lol.  Honestly, it would be a real treat! I watched with anticipation as my husband returned to his truck and struggled to lift something out of the back. It appeared to be something rather heavy, heavier than a bag from our favorite Chinese restaurant., ha ha. But what could it be?!

Just then my husband turned around and put down on the ground, a nearly white, ball of fur with a pink nose. A puppy?! There stood a little yellow lab puppy, shaking a bit probably from the long road trip and being uprooted. Suddenly, the puppy spotted me, and immediately bounded over to greet me. He began to do this adorable little “prancing pony” dance all around me.  My heart melted. It was all over. I was in love with this adorable little yellow lab.  He was ours!

polar bear camping

Polar, or “Bear” as we now call him, had apparently been adopted by a girl who later found she was allergic and had to give him up.. He had passed through four other people before he came to live with our family. It didn’t take him long to make himself at home and completely loved and spoiled by our entire family. We are still so amazed how lucky we are that he came to be with us that one day.

Each morning upon waking, Bear watches and waits for the first sign that the family is up and ready to start the day. Bear keeps us inspired to get outside to take that early morning hike, or for an evening walk along the lake shore at sunset. Yellow Labrador’s are known to be athletic and playful, and extremely well-behaved around children. His continuous energy keeps us active, healthy and fit outdoors. He is truly the best outdoors K9 an outdoors family could ever have.  He hikes, snowshoes, and camps with us, and loves to go on family outings and road trips. If our plans include a hotel night stay, we never have a problem locating a pet friendly hotel.  You would never even know he is there. He is always just so happy to be hanging out with the family. He spends every moment of each day right by our side, always ready to go, and best of all, never complains, not even about the weather!


Nearly nine years have passed, and many memories have been made. Bear is still ready and waiting for our next family adventure outdoors. His face is beginning to turn white again, showing the signs of his years. But his enthusiasm for fun and adventures have not waned.  Our outdoors family just would not be complete without our outdoors K9, “Bear” right by our side.

Snow Shoeing Mike and Bear

Do you have a special outdoors K9 member of your family? Please feel free to share a bit about him or her in the comments below.