Be Safe! Be Seen! With the Ruffwear Track Jacket™ – Low Light and Hunting Safety for your dog.

Be Safe! Be Seen!

Firearm hunting season is upon us here in Northern Michigan so it is important to take some extra precautions while preparing to head outdoors this time of the year.  Be aware of the hunting laws in the areas of your favorite hiking trails and make sure that you are safe and highly visible by wearing Blaze Orange and reflective materials, not forgetting your outdoors K9 as well

Keeping our outdoors K9 “Bear” safe from harm during Michigan’s firearm hunting  season has always been a concern for us especially since Bear has a hard to see, light tan colored, fur coat. He could easily be mistaken for a deer running through the woods. So we were quite excited to receive a Blaze Orange Ruffwar Track Jacket™ to try out and to protect our best friend Bear.

Since receiving the track jacket, we put it on him anytime we let him outdoors even when nature calls. The track jacket provides him luminescence visibility during the deer season as well as great visibility and warmth during outdoors activities in the late fall and winter months.

We love the quality and durability of Ruffwear’s  performance dog gear as well as the extra added features that Ruffwear incorporates into each design. Our favorite key features of the track jacket include the integrated reflective print material, the lightweight low-profile tension hooks that provide quick and secure connections, as well as the ease in washing and care. It is machine washable (gentle cycle), just hang to dry!

Additional features include:

• Durable, waterproof fabric.
• Three separate light loops for attaching multiple Beacon safety lights
• Streamlined design is easy to put on and stays in place.

Extend your outdoors adventures with your Outdoors K9 into the low-light days of the Fall and Winter plus protect him during firearm hunting season with Ruffwear high-visibility dog gear.

Happy Trails and Happy Tails!

“Life’s An Adventure .. Make It An Adventure To Remember!”